On one of these sunny days I sat in the park... on the grassy knoll with the lazy sunbathers

Last night we had a party.  Tino and Manute Dj'd mostly.  I played a conductor like position.

Tino brought stuff, every week so far he's brought cool things.

Like he bought me sour skittles and this ice cream cone... what a bro

Meryl's sister!

dudes get taken out all the time around here

Me learning how to hip-hop dance... there's Manute looking out from the dj crow's nest

I could get pretty good at this

Jessie did a cool pole dance, but didn't want me to take a picture... maybe next week

Tino hand cuffed me to the dj room... but luckily we found the key

I wasn't born a fisherman
and I wasn't born a schoolgirl
and I wasn't born a tree of leaves
and I wasn't born o lordy lord
'cause I was a bold and tireless worker

and I wasn't born an Indian
and I wasn't born Arabian
and I wasn't born a man with a dream to just let it falter

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