Manute, Tino and I kicked off what might be a weekly wednesday night situation.

When I was done making the playlist, I tried to look like I was djin' but really I was
checking my myspace.

Brenda bar tended and hooked all the bro's up.

Bill and Ted were on the scene... Ted doesn't look happy, I think he misses France.


This was a Broverdrive reunion photo minus Hoisington, remember the epic hubbas and kinked
everything park?

Not Scouse impersonators... Brian and Geoff

Dustin sat and yelled in my ear all the things that are wrong with me... it's a long list, I know.

In order to swerve him I fake dj'd in the dj booth...

but he found me... climbed up, put on Children Of Bodom and bit my head.

Shetler and Nick

Meryl and Ropes

and Rasta Sean... sorry I called Marcus, Andre... It's fixed, I'm retarded. 

...and I failed to mention that even we could smell a rat
would rather throw parties than stones
would rather break virgins than bones

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