Today was St. Patrick's Day...  I have all Irish blood

This is the new cube...

Avedon and Ted at Autumn

Merks from the block

Leanne and Amy... celebrating snakes at the Fish... Amy, why don't you make a page right now?

Trilby and Bartman... and there's some crew in the background 

It was Shelly and Fat Bill's Birthdays... as well as my Mother's... Happy Birthday Shelly, Billiam,
and Patricia!  Oh yeah, my mom goes by Pat... so calling me Pat makes me feel awkward.

Dave called me over from across the bar to have me take a picture if him with his red wings. 

Tim taken pictures... see tinyvices for cross reference.

Ok... so I wasn't going to say anything... but Monday is my birthday which also happens to be the
first day of spring.  So I'm having my midnight birthday at Sway Sunday night... it's no big deal...
but if you want to come that'd be awesome, or just come for spring...

I'm bringing my knife for the inevitable knife fight. 

All the girls say "What's he like?"
I said "He's kind of shy, but that's the kind of girl I am, he's my kind of guy"

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