Tonight at Mings, all the ninjas were on seperate missions, so I recruited Andre and Athena
to pick songs... it was fun and they played some epic jams...

big skateboard news... Jason got a hair cut

Somebody threw a pad of post-it notes up to me with requests...  and I'm super, thanks for asking. 

Two weeks ago Manute told me he lost his Yashica T4 which is a major bummer considering
they don't make them any more... I was really sad for him.  But then tonight I saw it just lying
there in the dj booth... somehow it's been there for exacty 2 weeks and no one took it. 

Sorry that this webblog has become 'the dj diaries'... no one is more tired of it than myself.
Winter is coming and by a month's time we will all be locked indoors for good.
Hopefully I will get some sun and air soon. 

you were never more than a dream
brief as summer or spring
sweeter than anything

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