Tino, Manute and I hosted another NWA night... it was gangster....

Even Bobby appeared!  Holy shit, this is like a picture of our underwater ally.  
(damn it, I forgot to play Loch Ness by Priest)

Liane came too, she's who I steal all my fashion ideas from

Howie, no big deal... NWA night is awesome 'cause you can bring dogs and you can smoke.


Tino bought a doo-rag as a party favor


In the morning we had a send off breakfast meeting for Manute, Tino, Des, and 5-0 who
were getting in a car and driving off 17 hours to Shelly and Brody's wedding in Wisconsin.

Uli showed up and gave them a car game gift... Uli owns Max Fish by the way...
She's probably bummin that her entire staff is going to Wisconsin this weekend.

they pick up every movement
they pick up every loser
with jaded eyes and features
you think they really care?

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