I'm going to be honest, I don't like sports... I can't help it.  I never cared.
So what I do at sporting events to keep interested is I pretend I'm a dictator or monarch and
that the marching bands and people are soldiers parading in my honor, I really do.  I felt bad
about sending all the troops to their probable deaths, but it was quite noble of them. 

King Pushkin and Princess Sidney

The royal dogs Luxor and Rocco

my harem of chicks!

then I skated a new skatepark here...

You know how Ohio is full of aliens?
Look at the shadow of the one on the deck!  I did not alter this photo in any way.

Chris Higgins

I told her "I should kick that dude's ass for talking so much shit"
and then I remembered I didn't need to, that his ass is permanently kicked.

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