happy birthday Kells Bells... thank you for inventing the interweb!

breakfast with Blackie and J-Lee

on a train with Alex

the ride towards Philadelphia

Long, Miner and Farmer

the Ben Franklin Bridge into Jersey


Bros all got Harley's now!  Where's mine?  What have they done that I haven't?  Kick-flip some
stairs?  Please... I'm a genius!

dude, what do you do?  Team manage?  Not even...

then we went bowling...

Justin got 5 strikes in a row... could have been a perfect game... choke

Braydon... and his ultimate bro setups:

true dat

B is for Braydon, bongs, brews, bitches, budweiser, buds, babes, bros, boards, beers etc. 

double E

What a good life this must seem!
but when I hear your voice
singing out

The Bells Of Hope
are ringing out
and I feel all alone
(And I think of my home)

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