I've been having mega camera problems lately.  Annette was nice enough to let me borrow her's for a little while

this is her dog

so, I put my memory card in her camera and found I had a bunch of photos from a couple weeks ago I never shared with you:

the Reynolds's

ok... If you told me 10 years ago that I'd skate a mini ramp session with Chad Muska, Pat Duffy, Sal Barbier and Braydon Szafranski
I would have said "who's Braydon Szafranski?"

nonetheless, I was stoked

Drew come skate!  It's the gnarliest session ever!  "no, I'm watching the baby, sorry" 
Loser thinks his baby is more important than an epic sesh, kill me if I ever get my priorities all backwards like that. 

Sal Barbier suuuper good...

...at Ms. Pac Man

then... fast forward to last night:

I do believe that the more you give your trust
and the more you give your love
the more you're bound to lose

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