tonight we dj'd the party we came here to dj... the whole thing is pretty ridiculous... free airfare, 5 nights in a hotel, plus a paycheck...
Ben might be used to this shit, but not me. 

Tino, Frankie and Manute.

Ben playing the jams

these girls star in the Portuguese version of Sex and the City... they also announced us... something like "blah blah blah Tino Razo!!!"

my B's in the A and Ben's BTM


Fans of Cho Time

they only liked the mega hit songs we played... you could have put a cd on called "Most Famous Songs of All Time" and that's pretty
much what we had to play... thanks for flying us here for that.

4AM party's over...  (p.s. try Manute's website for cross reference)

nice rock

stealing Frankie, she was covered in pee

and you were waiting there
swimming through apologies

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