Tony Farmer picked me up at 8 in the morning yesterday and we went and
skated pools with Steve Alba...

no big deal

we skated 4 pools in a town that had mostly burned in a California fire. 
the scenery was beautiful but unfortunately in the fogginess of my
morning mind, I forgot my digital camera.
so I shot all the pictures on film.

When I get them developed I'll scan them and show them to you so you
will know I'm not lying...

Back in the hood I got my camera and I skated Supreme again... there's Scott

then Buddy appeared and we went to another pool!  This time I have proof.

not this one


Farm Boy cruisn over the stairs

Buddy grinding the tight part

a lot of risers

Farmer plucking grapefruits for tomorrow's breakfast and tonight's cocktails

fruit of the vine

Then I saw Drew randomly on the street... do the best skaters in the world just grow
on trees around here too?

then setups... the Axl setup is pretty much configured

on Hollywood and Vine tonight it was an endless parade of shockers

death at one's elbow

my boy Gordo

because you'll slip on the trail
of my bespattered remains
and so, that's why