After the drive home from Philly, we went to an ewwyer hat party:

These dudes were spooning in a bed... This is usually a drunken shock photo
like the one of Tino and Drehobl... but i'm guessing these dudes are gay for reals...
maybe not... who knows?

Is this Tall Dan's tribute to Moz? 

Isobel was pretty drunk and she seemed to turn from German to French before my eyes.
She is cute when she's drunk, like good drunk vibes!

Then to the Fish!  There's Bill

Oh a hat trade!

Hmmm... do I hear the ring of wedding bells for Ben and Lesley?  Insiders spotted
Ben at Van Cleef & Arpels... shopping for a ring perhaps?

The president of epic, 'Our Guy' Preston with Jack

Progress not perfection... here's where I'm at right now!

i'll see you sometime