I already had a flight from New York to Columbus to go there for Thanksgiving, I was kinda bummin because
there happened to be a Morrissey show in Chicago that day.  Then I decided 'fuck it' and bought a new round
trip to Chicago. 

This is Columbus

My sister met me at the airport and took my bags so I could continue on to Chicago empty handed

this is me stressing in the cab hoping I didn't miss the doors opening at the show

oh shit!  Look who else is here!

and look at that god damn line... it goes for like a mile 

this is inside the venue, it had a castle theme 

So the real story is we all met Ben here for his birthday!  Happy Birthday Ben!!!!

Opening act Kristine Young

Oh, Aiche Ess Youuski!

then instead of the usual intro music tape, Morrissey made a cool video montage to watch before the show. 
There's Sacha Distel...

David Johanson

Oh, Leo and Kyle?!  WTF?!

oh the suspense is killing me

Orf TV

Vince Taylor had kind of a Greco outfit on

young girl, one day you will be old
but the thing is I love you now

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