At Autumn skateshop where I spent most the day

Then I walked by Max Fish.  Tino and Cathy Cho were the only people
in there, so I sat and bro'd.  Cathy was trying to bribe me so she could
win the Max Fish guitar battle of 2007.

Then we went and saw Cathy Cho's guitar teacher Mike Bones play some songs

then to Sway for Miriam's birthday

Happy Birthday Sticks!

Cathy Cho's hair... she could go on Oprah and get her hair cut.
There was an episode about people with hair to the ground and they cut it off. 
I should know, I bought Juliana the Oprah box set for Christmas, and somehow
got sucked in, I watched the entire thing last week, 17.5 hours...
Did I just give you too much information?

Kate is a card carrying member

Dana and Jimmy C

Dan and Ryan

everyday I play a sad game called
'in the future when all's well'

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