I told my boss Jake Phelps yesterday that I didn't want to be a skate photographer
anymore,  which kinda leaves me without a job, so if anyone can help me out with some
employment ideas that would be awesome...

I may have set sail up shit creek, but I am also kind of excited to do new things.
Let me know... here are my great skills:

photography skills, store clerk skills, dj skills (with ipod), barbacking skills, etc. 

I think I want to work at a antique store, does anyone out there own one of those? 
Or I’d like to be an editor-in-chief of like a society magazine. 
Just let me know because its not like I have any money saved up.   

and since this is kinda like a weird press statement,
I'd like to say thank you to Jake Phelps, Luke Ogden, Ryan Henry,
and Lindsey Byrnes at Thrasher for all the cool times they've given me.
And thank you to all the bros that took me on skate-trips... 
Especially Justin, Robin, Andrew, Jerry, and Kevin.

all my shit

Jennie and I helped Darren move..

Black Snoopy and Howie

Bones, Cindy and Black

Celebrating America

this year's fireworks view

Nina got in a bike wreck... that chest wound has got to be painfull!  Heal up soon!

but sometimes I feel more fulfilled
making Christmas cards with the mentally ill

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