I went over to Tino's again to keep him company while he's hurt and in this position all the time... except I kinda think he's milking it now.

the we went to check out the roof

see all those keys around Tino's neck?  Not one of them was the key to his apartment... we got locked out

There's Central Booking in the background, a place I know all too well... just kidding, I was about to get all James Frey on here.

but I do know China well, interesting side note, I used to live in Hong Kong

waiting for Desiree to come let us in... too bad Tino and her share a phone and only one had it. 

so boring!


Yay! so I guest dj'd the Ben Cho show! You can listen to it here.
An even better trick is go into I-Tunes, go to the menu option that says "advanced" then click on "subscribe to podcast"
then cut and paste this into that:   http://www.eastvillageradio.com/auto-archives/Benjamin_Cho/dircaster.php
That way you'll be able to get the whole thing and listen to it in your ipod... then you can update it every week...
(this could all be like 'duhhh' to some people, but I've never downloaded one of these 'till Ben got his show)

I'm listening to the Podcast now... sorry the levels are blown out and fucked up... I was just using the levels that the techno guys
before me had set up... shit... my bad... I do everything later'dly.

This is the part in the show where Juliana did her interpretive dance to the Stevie Nicks song... I wish you could see the whole thing...
she's saying "I think you are the demon"

crowd reaction

Jake just dropped by to shamelessly promote his party or something... listen for that

like your passion and your anger
you don’t let go
you like to be twisted

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