For Ramona's birthday she got me a lottery ticket
(that won me a dollar) and a card...

also Tic Tac's, which makes me feel like more of a jerk for not getting her anything

good thing her other friends got her stuff

and made her a cool video

and for some random reason the Enjoi video came on afterwards

then we went to the birthday party, which was the day after the dinner... she has a milllion friends it seems

then after that we went to Tracy's birthday party... I don't know her in real life, just from this youtube video.

all the kids were out.  It was a total High School party

then the cops came and busted the party... which made it even more high school.

so I got in the SUV and went to The Box with these people... 

she won't dine out with me
No, she won't dine out with a murderer passing salt