The bros and I kicked the night off with Rockstars... this is Justin showing the proper technique
RB and Zered made a skate video called "the vicious cycle" I imagine it's pretty epic but I couldn't really see from the back of the bar... I either had to look over the top of the tall dudes, or in the mirror behind the bar.
This is a better view... the screen fell down and RB was taping it back up mid-video.  It appears that Zered is setting up for a nollie trick on Staten Island in this clip. 
RB and Andre 
Man of the hour Zered Bassett... looking sharp!
Eli keeping it green on the scene... I'd like to say that Eli gets my vote for best gear of the video.
Me and the dudesephs headed over to the Coral Room to see Early Man
Tino choking Justin...  Tino was in rare form... (or rather typical form)
Dustin was hoping to avoid another flying toilet bowl
Pit crazyness.... I couldn't take much of it... so I watched from a distance... I guess I missed an awesome chick fight...
Dan punched the fish tank as hard as he could hoping it would break...
... but all he broke was his hand.
He was about to exact vengence... he was saying "should I, or shouldn't I? You decide..." and I said "you shouldn't," does that make me a puss?
Oh and this is what kicking rocks really looks like...
Taste Of My Scythe