a sunny day... it was light-jacket weather in January

TF report

Briggs has magic

Merks is real good at it too

then dessert at Dunkin Donuts

fatty fatty 2x4

then, what, dinner?  All I do these days is eat

and show off my new magic tricks like I made them up

works with pepper too

I dj'd Stockton's b-day party at Motor City

animals have different color 'red-eye'

The party started early so everyone has the 'not drunk yet, awkward, pre-shred' face

human red eye... Happy birthday Sean!

Then there was a dancer

Bye Andreas!  Good luck in SF, you're already a Nor Cal Barney in my eyes!

Maine Cal Barney

Nor Carol Barney

no wind or water fall could stop me
and then came the rush of the flood
the stars at night turned you to dust

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