I woke up at 5 in the morning for a mission over to JFK.  I know Mike Vallely is later'd and
everything, but I was fanning out on his spot at JFK.  That's from Rubbish Heap, prelater'd era.

I got in this really big plane and flew to San Jose...

and got to Jerry's house

uhh, it's March

hey Marc

Jerry's cat,  Mr. Cool

Now it's time for Jerry Hsu 'cribs'

He's got a darkroom in one of the bathrooms

Inside the basement is what only can be described as a "kiddy porn dungeon"

just kidding, but it's still kind of creepy

"this is where i'm having the well installed"

he has dead bodies buried here

then we drove to San Francisco, before we left Marc asked what the temperature was there and as a
joke I said "It's snowing" 

well we got there and it was!

It was snowing or hailing or some shit.  This is San Francisco! 

We were sliding on the ice...  we were going to try and drive down Powell street or whatever
and see if we could die, but didn't get to it. 

Then we went to an Art opening...   Somebody in this photo sucks at skating compared to the rest

here's Jai and Joe

Lindsey and dunno

the artist know as jason



Fausto's daughter

Rob and Tim.  Tim and I used to live together at Howard House and have driven across the country
together.  He's one of my top 10 skaters ever.

Pensyl was there!  This was right after I saw Hensley and tried not to fan out.

The Hightower van

Then we drove back to SJ, there's Matt!

and Whitney... I'd like to thank Matt, Jerry and Whitney for getting me my plane ticket, thanks bros!

magic trick?

getting later'd

when this vision of death comes, she always leaves
and I bury my head in my billowy sleeves
to marvel at how I must face my own fate
or deny it, more likely, until it's too late

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