the last morning in SF

good-bye tourbus! good-bye girls!

My flight was Southwest through Midway in Chicago, but it was a Southwest flight that went
off the runway at Midway two days before, so they were being cautious and diverted the flight
to Albany NY.  They announced over the intercom that we'd have to stay in hotels over night
because there were no more flights out of there... when I got to the front of the line though,
they told me that since NYC was only a three hour drive they'd put me in a taxi.

It was the longest cab ride I've ever been in... It would have cost $500, but the airline
paid it... the driver was cool and he had never been to the city before.

the next night I went to the Vice holiday dinner and party

these guys hate me, you can tell, they're all like "prick"

at the party all my Hasidic bros were there!

and Bobby

and Jud and Amy

Sharkey is not dead it turns out, but I had already mourned him

Melissa was giving me shit cause I have only actually been to the Vice office once...
I'm going to make an effort to come this week, I swear.  She says I have a lot of mail to pick up.


the real truth about it is my kind of life's no better off
if I've got the maps or if I'm lost