I woke up and went to get my head shaved for my Halloween costume

I am very dedicated

the dude went ahead and trimmed my eyebrows too

then I went to Meryl's house where she was making her costume

Timothy Treadwell!

It's pretty crazy that she can build something like that in one day

then I went to a house where people were getting ready

Ben did my make up too

I'm Sinead btw

Wednesday was getting ready too

I tried a different dress but opted for the black one Marcella let me borrow


then Ben and I walked across town but got majorly stuck at 6th avenue, it took an hour to figure out how
to get across the street... we had to kind of fake walk in the parade for a few feet. 

epic, later'd and later'd

St Peter (or some saint i forget) and a chicken

half clown

so there were tons of celebs at the party like Karl Lagerfeld and Bjork

this dude had the shittiest Terry Richardson costume ever

kind of a good Aron Rose costume

Anderson Copper was there in like a gay costume 

this is the costume called "throw a bunch of weird shit on at the last minute"

there's Ryan

guess who this is?  Well, you'll never guess so I'll tell you:  A-Ron!

A-Ron's gut

Hi Brunch!  You're here early

a Jew and a clown

we left in a cab to go to the Fish

Timothy won a costume contest!  Yay!

I ripped the picture for the millionth time then went home
Sorry John Paul, you know you are my favorite Pope.
I was so happy to have pants back on, but I kinda want to keep wearing mascara.

if you're gonna go you've gotta go and if you're stayin stay
cuz I can't take the pain you keep leavin' when you go away

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