Manute got surgery on his elbow, Tino and I went and picked him up.
The hospital was deserted, each room was empty and we just walked around
going into offices.  If anyone wants to make off with a computer go to
Beth Israel on Union Square.  The only room we found with people was
this waiting room filled with sleeping Asians.

Then we found this one room with Manute in it.  Like the morning-after drag queen he is he still
had his mascara on.

Tino had to feed him water... we were laughing at everything and the nurse was like "I'm glad
you guys aren't my friends!"

except when I showed her this photo, she started laughing too, and she called other nurses over
who also started laughing... all at Manute's expense!

a must have for this season's fashions

Manute was released into my and Tino's care... the doctor told us a bunch of stuff but I can't
remember what.... I left him over at Lucy's... hopefully she knows what to do.

I'm the second door on the third floor
If you've got the key then please unlock me

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