It began snowing...

Here are the birthday kids, Charles and Jamie... I missed their party at Chuckie Cheese. 
Sucks for me. 

It is also Thin Lizzy's Birthday.  I went to her party at Peasant:

This is a plate of the grossest thing ever to me... olives.  I would rather die than have to eat you. 

There's Keiva who fell on the floor and Merks eating gross olives which gave her gross olive
breath... i'm defs not making out w you 2nite.

Carrie and coins

Lizzy and her gifts wrapped in her movie BF.

Then back at C.Lamb and J.R.'s party I saw Nieratko and his lady.

and I harshed Amy for a photograph... the hot ones always hate it.

But Regan has no problem getting his picture taken and has his Blue Steel handy.

Kunle and Twills back at the jump-off.  I reversed jumped-off... more of a landing pad. 
I was home by 1:00AM, very good for me. 

Why do you always wanna stop me from doing the things in life that make me happy?
and when I'm outside with friends, laughing loudly, why do you always wanna stop me?

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