In a tale of high treason an espionage straight out of The Sopranos (and in fact this exact
location was used in an episode of that show) I brought pro skaters and a photographer to the
Autumn/Tylenol Bowl.

exhibit A: Remy Stratton doing an ollie as documented by my assistant Luke Ogden

Then tonight the Ninja's converged for the Kevin Long Dipset release party situation:

This is what modern DJ's do: eat and hit 'play'

Life sustaining ninja food

Spanky and Jerry bromance

Shane Cross and Bryan Herman separated at birth

Shelly and Angela looking into the tree house door

New Ninjas With Awesome member Mikey Bones

Jamie has a later'd arm now

Beth Black, what I do

Alain and Cama

Kutter and Double D

Everyone being so insane and retarded drunk-wise that Dustin seemed rather mellow in comparison

Metal hands

Geo and Herm


I felt the same way as Dustin, I had an alcoholic spin-out and left early...

But I had to come back at last call to get my computer... by then almost all the bros had left
and went to some other bar.  Spanky was left helplessly behind because Dustin had thrown
away his shoe.  Here he has a makeshift one made from a beanie, a rubber band and some napkins.

And in the end he walked home in the rain like this

oh, give us a drink and make it quick
or else I'm gonna be sick, sick all over

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