This is Sunny and ginger again, meeting potential owners.  Ginger is VERY popular and getting lots of emails!

Chris came first and took Ginger away from me... though he is petting Sunny in this picture. 

Ginger is sleepy here.  Chris is taking her on a trial run right now, he has another dog and we have to see how they get along. 
I'll let all you broken hearted people know if you get another chance then.

But don't worry, this little female fox is up for adoption too!  I would like to find a home for her with a yard, because she LOVES to chase squirrels. 

Have you ever seen a more majestic creature?  She loves to play fetch.  She was also Kentucky stray. 
The shelter named her Isabella, I renamed her Wolfie, you can call her what you like. 

We gave her a little sign too. 

here is a better picture of Sunny

So anyway, Sunny and Wolfie still need homes...  and I get visitation rights. 

email me patrick(a)

(all these sweet, well behaved dogs came from a pound.  there are hundreds of thousands more like them)