Back in Mexico.

Todd, Cory and I got breakfast

border crossing

Back in NYC

Darren's Birthday dinner

Sunny Gingers

Then to Meryl's house

she made this sculpture and is getting harassed by Louie Vuitton's lawyers!  WTF?  You can be sued for making art with a logo on it?  Its a one of a kind piece.  They have been
writing her and phoning her and warning her not to show it.  Seriously crazy.  Its a statement about people buying dogs an accessory and then giving them away
or treating them as an object.

Not that I would ever do that... ha!  Here is tortured old Sunny with this thing to keep him from licking his stitches where he got fixed.

I was also in the Vice photo show next to Manute's photos... 

then all I really know is that I truly am