Travis aka Mt. Egypt played a nice show with Bones at Pianos

Ynot and I dj'd at Aviva's party

Erik helped with the contraband vanilla booze which we later got in trouble for


Matt and Max

At one point Sean Kelling and Manute both texted me saying they tried to get in to the bar and
the guy at the door wouldn't let them, I convinced them to come all the way back and that we'd
talk to the door guy, but the door guy still wouldn't let them in.  He said the bar was too full,
but I swear it was pretty mellow.  Anyway, due to the non-bro'ness of the situation, I boycotted
picking any more songs and let everyone else do the choosing.  

then I went to the Fish, here is Erik and Esao fanning out on Jason Lee, at first I was
thinking "why do you guys give a shit about some cheesy Hollywood actor," and then
I was like "Oh yeah Video Days"

there's too many blanks in your analogies
lieutenant there is talk
pertaining interpretations