The demo in Albany ended and we drove back to the city... the sesh was on at Ben and Brian's Moz night at Sway! 
Tino and Manute were trippin' dude...  burnt style.
Alanna's back from Poland!
I showed this photo of Athena, myself, and Micheal Monroe to Tino and he was like "What are you doing with my sister!" 
Marc and Ryan
Happy Birthday Mike!
Lindsey is my boss at Thrasher...
...and since she's a lot shorter than me she had to pull up a stool so we could dance together!
Ben and Meryl doing their thing!
I was trying to live vicariously through Tino and Manute's hallucinatory situation... I would point and things and go "does that look cool?" and they'd say "Aww yea that look's AWESOME! Take a photo of it!" 
deadnight warrior