I woke up and could see some sunlight, then fell back to sleep and it was dark again

there was a fire going in the lobby

the reason we were here was to dj a party called "The Sounds of New York" put together
by Metro Newspaper.  They flew us out there, paid for the hotel and paid us cash. 
I got kinda worried they expected me to be a real dj, which i'm not, so I brought a couple
records this time.  One is a Guns N Roses interview record, and the other was "Viva Hate."
Then I figured whatever I wanted to play that wasn't on either of those, I'd just play off the ipod.

they had cards taped up with lingo, ebonics style. 

after my soundcheck, I walked around to see some sights and lights.  But it was really cold. 

                    sweet flyers up all over town, Vanilla Ice!

it was at some kinda museum

Black Mustache

bowl of marshmallows

request: Bikini Kill

none of my songs were working, it was like musical kryptonite, everyone was just sitting there,
so I finally resorted to 'Thriller, and it worked!  They flew me here to play Thriller. 

I met a guy named Dan who told me all the places I could have gone if I hadn't slept all day

                   Ben was asking around for a band called something like "wolf and something"
                   I found them!

                   there were Statue of Liberty's everywhere.  I thought everyone hated
                   America, but I guess not.


                      my coordinator Emma

then back to the room, the party ended at 4AM and the ride to the airport left at 7AM
so I sat in the room and watched cartoons for a few hours.

the Swedish trees looked different

well, go on down to Jackson, go ahead and wreck your health
go play your hand, you big-talkin' man, make a big fool of yourself
yeah, yeah, go to Jackson, but go comb that hair
I'm gonna snowball Jackson
go ahead and see if I care