departing by cab, the Empire State Building

Amsterdam layover

they got hookers, weed and shrooms in the duty free area

on the next flight Spencer popped in!

Kelly sleeping


the dogs loved Spencer and Ben


at dinner we met up with Taylor


then we all went out to find some fun

the first bar we went to was sort of white trash, it was like a bridge and tunnel bar,
but more like clog and windmill (oh wait, that's Holland, dumb joke anyway). 

tasty drinks!

We left and walked down the street.  We looked into this bar to see if it was gonna be fun. 
This girl ran up and started kissing the glass so we knew it would be.

we met lot's of Swedish ewwyers

the dj's were epic, playing hits like "whoop there it is"

this is it for night one, the angel went home with the devil, stay with me for night two