then to Austin where South By Southwest is... what does that mean?  Southwest Airlines?

this Wrench Pilot rip off was on a wall there

John McCool, a guy that filmed Norwegian Black Metal, and Trace. 

Jade sighting!

tons of ewwyerweirds on the streets

skateshop kids

Oh and I play bass for No Age now... at least according to the SXSW register

this band called Pocahaunted was very good

Trace again

Its like the warriors there.  There are always groups of 5 guys walking around dressed exactly the same

reposting for the cause.

Drew and Garrett

Jacked crew

this is Avi and Ethan's band, and a random guy that stole the mic during the middle of the set.  I had forgotten what they were called so I asked the kid next to me
and he was like "don't be too cool and pretend you don't know" as if I was pretending I didn't know who Karen O was or something.  I guess they blew up!

this is Wavvvvvves. 

and this guy struck again

I got a haircut at the show

then we debated whether to see Dinosaur Jr, Devo, No Age or Endless Boogie... all playing at the same time.  Boogie won.  Then I caught a flight home.

I'm gonna find me a reckless woman,
Razor blades and dice in her eyes.
Just a touch of sadness in her fingers,