This year for Tampa Am we got hotel rooms in Ybor City and not by the skatepark as usual.
This is so much better.  I've been nearly murdered by crackheads over there.  The downside
I guess is that I haven't gone anywhere near the contest so far and have no idea what is
happening.  Do you care?  Didn't think so...

We vectored over to The Castle, which is the awesomest place ever.  It's a goth bar in a fake
castle!  I wanted to take photos of the loc's but you know how goth people are about getting
their pictures taken.  Here's Leo and Jimmy.

Paul Sharpe and Cairo!

Oh man... so Kevin has issued media blackout... he says I make him look like a shocker on
purpose any chance I get.  It's true, but who doesn't look bad on these pages?

Angel and Tony

This is my fanout photo of Josh Beagle... I guess they are making a Barbarians At The Gate 2...
I want in!  Oh, and happy 18th birthday Matt!

get me away from here I'm dying

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