I'm claiming best board graphic ever... or almost ever.

The budget priority for these dudes was obviously in favor of Mons Venus
lap dances and not comfortable sleeping arraignments.

Pillow fight!

I'm having Enjoi tour flashbacks.

Down at Ybor for the skate nightmare:

this kid had "enjoy the ride" as a tattoo.  His mind was very burnt.

then the cops took him away

Lee has a pretty cool Jeff Kendall shirt...
interesting side note: Me and Lee have the same birthday
which is also the first day of spring... ok, not that interesting.

Frank was puking... I was just walking around waiting for people to puke.

Media Blackout and Beagle, no, not Beagle the Baker filmer, the former pro
skater Beagle.  I'm sure he's so sick of people coming up to him and being like
"Beagleoneism! Owww!"

Dune and J.dog

The bar was so humid and sweaty...filled with bro brahs... lets just armwrestle
and complete the nightmare.

fukin' Teardrop!

Alan Russell!

Jeff Pang!

I'm still sick, I feel like I'm seeing things as if looking into an aquarium. 
I have to go back to the hotel and watch the television.  Tampa Am,
do they have skateboarding at that?  I wouldn't know.

...Even I, sick and depraved, a traveller to the grave
 I would never be you...

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