Are you getting tired of seeing Mimi?  If you want a Mimi of your own go to (and not a breeder or pet store) and adopt a little homeless baby
update: here is mimi's original petfinder post!

then I flew to Tampa florida

and got picked up by Chloe and Alanna.  Randomly. 

This is Mike's bird Skittles.  I was scared of her a little bit.

she kept following me around, I thought she was going to bite me.

She was very smart... every animal I encounter these days is more intelligent and conscious than I thought they would be. 
Nothing like they teach you in Catholic school. 

then I went to the Nike dinner and Brian Anderson was like "will it be weird for you if we watch the Cardiel DVD?" 

it was awesome watching it with such heavy dudes like Lance, Matt Beach, BA, Omar and Stephan. 

and Active Erica

People were so into it in fact that all these chicks came in and no one even looked up.  At the end they clapped!  It was a great midnight birthday gift to me.
I don't feel conceited saying so only 'cause its Cardiel that made it awesome, I just pressed 'record.'

and once a crystal choir appeared while I was sleepin' and called my name
and when they came down nearer sayin', "dyin' is done",
then a new song was sung until somewhere we breathed as one