Sunday night was rainy... I sat in Teany and waited it out.... Teany is a restraurant in my building,
there's Kelly, she owns the place.  btw me and her are Djin Lit next Saturday. 

See, it's raining

then I went to Sway, I'm not jealous of this shirt at all

Dash showed up with no shoes on, he said he lost them

then I went home and went to sleep, and I slept in completely oblivious that I was supposed
to be up at 9:00AM to shoot pictures of a singer guy for Nylon... I'd like to say sorry
once again to the people there... I'm usually not so irresponsible, I guess I got a lot on my mind. 

In Mexico
I went for a walk to inhale
the tranquil, cool, lover's air
but I could sense the hate
from the Lone Star state

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