TF Report...  the latering is too obvious

Passer By is nice because it has Billie Jean floor

Amy found the giant strawberries that were supposed to be for the art dealers and collectors

Jessie, Jagger, P-Bear, and Ollie. 

then at Peasant, Andre was (my new lingo for iPod DJing, will it catch on?)

Then I saw Weibs... these dudes are in town.

Superwolf and Tino "prince" Razo

I had my nails painted in an effort to bite Quentin Crisp's look.  I watched the movie
"The Naked Civil Servant" the other night and now i'm a jumped up pantry boy. 
So bona to vada.

OK so the big story is tonight I found the guy that invented the word "later'd"
He really did say it first, somewhere in Rhode Island, and it changed our whole program.  

the Later'd Webster. 

If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style.

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