This dude's back in town!

I had to shoot a fashion story at the TF!  I'm a fashion photographer
now by the way... just kidding.  But I got some money for Manute to
be my assistant.  Too bad I gave him a 100 bucks for not knowing how
to load my camera...


Tino and my bossetta Robin in matching gear. 

Oh, and Max Fish has a Natural Concepts show... I'm claiming it's the new Pusshead. 

We went to the Vice party... too many people in one cab.

Robin was off the chains, later in the night she was forcibly removed from
Lit for pissing in a corner...  shredding.


more pit views:

Ohio on the scene!

Death from Above

This dude's band was called the Mean Reds and they're staying on Dill's floor.
They were like underage GG Allins or something... they got kicked off
the Warped Tour for pissing off the stage.   What's that in your hand?

There was so much free beer flying through the air the Dash broke out an umbrella...

then broke it

A shocked A-Ron and Harold

and Dill sad from baby-sitting torture


Her skirt ascends for a watching eye, it's a hideous trait (on her mother's side)