I have this weird thing that may be just as common as the fear of flying... it's that instead of
being scared the plane will crash, it's a hope that it will.  I don't know why but I look out
the window and see the ground and it seems so exciting.  I told Jerry about it and he
thinks exactly the same thing. 

In the Philadelphia airport they have a Lids,  which makes me happy.  Too bad I have
become too eccentric for their offerings.

Unfortunately I landed in Miami...

I found Braydon by the baggage claim

Matt and Leo as well.

Oh Shit!  Jerry too... why is Jerry on an Emerica tour you ask... because he gets seps anxiety when
we're apart for too long.

There's Brandon too... the Drew 3's smell great by the way... minty!

no, more like lilac!

Then we went to the diner and Jason was there with his lady... I cannot get away from this dude.

Jerry at Jerry's

whether you stay or you stray
an inbuilt guilt catches up with you,
and as it comes around to your place at 5 A.M;
wakes you up and it laughs in your face

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