I went to the Christmas Party for the record label "the Social Registry."  It was at Cake Shop and
a bunch of musicians and even a stand up comic performed.  Here's TK Webb.

Devendra Banhart sang

Mira Billotte & Douglas Shaw, I have always been a fan of hers.

Lizzi and a guy that slept through the show

Rich Zerbo, tonight's Tony Wilson

this band is called Growing and they were amazing. 

there's Miguel Mendez

the next morning I woke up for my Christmas flight to Columbus and the subway was on
strike...  I finally got a cab which I shared with a bunch of people.  We sat in traffic foreves but
I actually made it to the airport on time. 

the city is still

so is Columbus

I remembered you as full of delicacy and grace,
did you catch something by accident, or did you study awkwardness?

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