This date in Epicly Later'd History:
 September 17th 1929

Due to increased enforcement of prohibition laws... we have been forced to
produced alcohol in the most undignified manner...
Here is the attic of the Razo Gang's house and their moonshine

At Max Fisch, a speakeasy
you must knock and speak "I am friend sirs, I would like to be later'd"

Don't forget your hip flask!

Inside many men were making small talk of where to find gangster headgear.


Drink up Boys!                                                                                               Flooseys and flappers!  What I do!
illegal german beer!

Fat Bill off his trolley!

Watson's cousin shellacked;
that's one for Ripley!

Afterward Manute almost
went the pistol route!

Only about fifty cards to the deck! 

Well you don't say!  Big man breaks our guts!  Texas Theodore must have ratted on us!  Not epic!
The Hole is closed for ever!

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