Leaving my house for our unofficial Wild Ride to Vancouver.  See that sweet ass blue touring grampa bike?  That's mine!  Harley reluctantly let me borrow it for the trip.
I had to pull some strings.   They were like "you sure you don't want a Street Bob?"

bye Meems

Sweet windshield keeping the bugs off my face

We were going to take cool roads through Taft, Hollister and Gilroy to get to San Jose, but we started so late that we took the boring ass 5

Storms a comin'

caught a bit of rain

Then made it just in time for the Tiltmode premier


Joe, Jer and April

Jose was so nervous he puked

Fucky, Jon and Dan

Grant and Heath

the lovely Sally V


the Asian Elvis

scenic this, scenic that,
don't fall for the traps of the man who was never born.