We got on the plane and it started filling up with smoke, Meryl and I thought we were going to die so we just started blaizing.
Just to catch one last in the air in the air. 

but we didn't die so we watched Lost on my ipod

Dr. Jason Seaver was in our row!

then when we landed, Spanky, Jerry, Nina and Manute met us and we drove straight to Mexico

and got to Kevin's Dad's surf shack

and we scoped the scene at the tide pools

U.N.: Battle rages for Hezbollah stronghold

U.N.: Israel and Hezbollah engage in vicious battle
15 Israeli troops die in day's fighting, military says
Hezbollah leader: "We'll fight until the last bullet"
U.S. warns both sides against expanding the war
 Israel votes to extend fight | Hezbollah's threat