I took a wrong turn looking for coffee on thanksgiving and found my former high school...

The most depressed and isolated I have ever felt in my life was the entire time I was in high school and any moment
I spent in these buildings.

Upper  Arlington is a suburb of Columbus.  I moved here from Hong Kong believe it or not at the beginning
of the ninth grade.   Having lived in culturally diverse places before coming to Ohio, I was shocked by the blatant
and proud bigotry of the teachers and students of this school.  I think there may have been only two black kids. 
Any classroom discussion of current events or politics was drenched in racism. 

I remember the school was composed mostly of people I considered jocks... maybe it was me who was the snob?
It wasn't until I discovered alcohol that I felt like I could fit in with anyone. 

I had friends here, but very few.   I'd say five.  A couple skateboarders and a couple goths.
Mostly my friends went to other schools, skaters I hung out with at Dodge and street spots. 
I always liked skateboarding because I was so anti-social at the time, it was something I could do alone. 
Maybe since now I am so obviously hyper-social I am just making up for lost time. 

I was always a slow student.  I was in small slow classes with like a kid that had bad tourettes and a girl that didn't talk. 
My grades averaged in the C's and D's.  I never could do math or remember things well. 
I feel bad for picking on Alex Olson a few days ago, because I'm sure my writing was just as bad.  Sorry Alex!

Sometimes I got in fights, I had a bad temper that would flare up for no reason. 

I know that talking about what we were like in high school is about as boring as talking about your dreams...
but I think coming here was an exorcism for me.

I never played any sports or went to any school functions.

But I like this tower.  It looks nice, I would never go to a class reunion, I don't think anyone would remember
me anyway.  It is almost 10 years now since I finished.  I graduated in 1995.  The people I want to see I still see.

That is all... a short tour of where I am from...

Mid-week on the playing fields...
Sir thwacks you on the knees,
Knees you in the groin, elbow in the face;

Bruises bigger than dinner plates.