Once in Vancouver we headed straight to The Goat / No Age show

this isn't the first time I've seen Ed mangled. 

Jer, Fucky and me


So basically the hottest girl at the party walked up to Jerry and fanned out on him, NOT for his skating, but for his photography.
Heath naturally got jealous and was like "oh is that what I need to do now? Be a photographer too?"   So he stole my camera and took all
of the following photos,  mostly by saying "My name is Patrick O'Dell and I'm shooting Do's and Don'ts for Vice Magazine" 

why is your tongue green?

I have never seen Atiba more happy than on stage here, he was all smiles.  I made Heath go take pictures of him.

Jerry, Kev and Corey Shepard

I hate this pose girls do, its like a deal breaker for photos.  Where did it come from?

who the hell are all these people?

along with everyone else on this page, I have no idea who I'm posing with

  at this point I got my camera back:

Randy warned me "there is some asshole in there pretending to be you taking pictures of everyone" (he hadn't met Heath before)

Harvey got knocked out cold.  Here he was saying "I want to go back to Canada, I want to go home, take me to Canada"

He was actually pretty messed up for days,  he went to the hospital eventually

you didn't wake up this morning
because you didn't go to bed