So we held a show closing/photo issue release party, and thought what better than to turn the gallery into a 1991 style rave

I found Adam X, a hellsza famous rave dj from NYC... all the former ravers I know were very impressed... and although I never
raved myself I really enjoyed what he played.  He played music that is totally extinct, it was like a museum show in itself. 

Alex set up the smoke machine

Lou made a glow in the dark t-shirt

the two coolest girls ever

these are the losers in the non-rave room, I avoided this room all night and held it down on the dance floor...
these people are scared of fun

Rusty was the first to dance

then bros started doing that dance with beer dance

Tanya's face tattoo friends... I want to get a cross on my cheek but I guess I'm scared.

these guys might actually be foreals ravers

the two other coolest girls ever

things are really starting to pop off

buttcrack wise

Todd was in a K hole

and this Todd got his photo stolen... sucks for you!

Adam X in stitches

the lights came on and people kept on

the girl in the middle had a skateboard and started doing kickflips and heelflips...

Tanya's pooch

then I went to Motor City where people from my office were hanging... there's Dawn and Gareth


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