I met a guy today with lots of Mozzer setups...

and more, I will not say

this reference is too obscure even for me... apparently this was drawn on a tambourine.

I know you love one person, so why don't you love two?

Randle Patrick McMurphy on leave to watch the World Series... I know you don't like change
either.  Don't pass out at the open window.

skull sundae... lately I'm on a constant Odessa diet.

At night time I went to the Hole for lesbian night but I saw mostly dudes like Ben and Jay.

Yeah, so Hole didn't close and become something different, that was all just a conspiracy to
kick out the straight people.  They didn't even paint the walls or fix the bathrooms or anything...
believe it or not I kinda got nostalgic.

These are either guys or very butch ladies... I'm really starting to think they just told me the Hole
closed so that I personaly wouldn't come anymore.

There's always someone, somewhere with a big nose, who knows
and who trips you up and laughs when you fall

who'll trip you up and laugh when you fall

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