oh shit, busted again, my second trespassing ticket in a week

Its the same song and dance every time... "you could get hurt and sue" "this is private property"
"this is city property" etc.  They especially didn't like it that the crew was mostly all foreign. 

It was such a big deal that even the cop's cops came.  The chiefs or whatever. 

most epic billboard... I guess Randy Rhoads has a radio show from beyond the grave!

Javier is my new favorite skater by the way

Nick stepping up to the three stair.  Grinding a 3 stair is gnarlier than grinding a 10 stair.

This place has all kinds of hobbit rails

always a dull moment

Socrates shredding

at the bar Rodney had a little dog.  Here's what Tino had to say about that:

Ninja's are beginning to gather for the Dungeon Broses Shoe party!  K-lo with Mother Bitch II

Minor is on the scene!  Cool dreams are aligned.

Luke, Josie and Peter

I climb up on the house, weep to water the trees
and when you come calling me down I put on my disease

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