So yesterday I started working on a story with the Volcom dudes... They have an apartment here
in NY for the next few weeks.  The best part is my boss Luke Ogden from Thrasher is here and
he's going to shoot all the skatephotos for the story, I'm just on the scene doing portraits and
writing the text.  This a great arrangement for all involved because I'm kinda disinterested in
skateboard action photography and Luke doesn't like writing.  I just carry around a small bag
of portrait cameras and make mental notes of all the bad things I can say about everyone when
it's over. 

I apologize if this is about to turn into a Dustin Dollin fan site, but there's never a dull
moment with this one.

footy review

it began raining thus ending the skate mission

this is Luke, my personal photographer

This night is Morrissey's 46th birthday and I dj'd Sway for the occasion. 

Miriam and Ben's O face

I played almost only Smiths/Morrissey songs tonight... and when I played something else it felt
like torture.

Lissy graduated from something... either High School or Beauty School, this was also her
graduation party.

Dr. Cathy Cho, I played 3 Bowie songs for her

and for her too, Rebel Rebel!

I put this little dog there, he helps me a lot

Double D singing along to Sing Your Life

he was in the DJ booth telling me what to play, I gave him a drink ticket and he yelled "oh is this
some table scrap you're throwing me to get me away from you?"  Yes, that's exactly what that was.

You think you were my first love but you're wrong
you were the only one who's come and gone

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