we have 14 people in the van... 3 rows of 4, the driver and shotgun.

and taking them to spots kinda blows 'cause everyone's yelling "next spot!" "got any banks?!"
"where are we going" "who farted?!" "got any hubbas?" "this spot sucks!" "I'm hungry!" "Play rap"
 "play metal!" seriously all at the same time...  I'm going to kill you fuckers

But at least at every place there's always one dude who's willing to step

Kevin watching out for the ABD patrol... Tre flip? Bullet to the head from a rooftop...

Oh, shit, and guess who's on the scene?  Jerry Achessyou from La Dusseldorf!  Uber Ausgang!

Nick gets later'd... hope you get healed up soon broseph!

Leo, Herm, Justin, Beth, Jeff TM, Jeff Kutter and Dark Robin have been added to the mix...
Holy bros from all vectors!

Jon and Leo

Robin lovin Alex Parker-Olson

ninjas on their shaka phones.

She told me, liquor
I am a new man
This one is on the house, this one is better than ever

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