Jerry Hsu goes skating while I sit in front of my computer looking
at photos all day... actually, today I shot photos of Three 6 Mafia for
work, so boo-ya.

Michael and I are bros again after bro hiatus

There's Linsey, she works at Thrasher.  Tonight there was a party for the end of the King Of The Road
skate thing they do. 

Preston is Thrasher's official filmer and probably the bro'est filmer ever.  His last video was
called "Beer Helmet" the new one is called "Keg Killer" I think.

Ewan and Geoff

Ween, Meyrl's favorite band of all time played. I missed them cause I had to leave to go to Lit.

Billy and Arto


Then at Lit...


Choose your own adventure:
A.  this magic moment
B.  brought to you by just friends
C.  going in for the kill
D.  how's my breath?
E.  I've never done this before
F.  I get crazy when I drink tequilla
G.  ecstasy makes me horny
H.  making-out is the new high-five

Sean of the dead

don't make the mistake of the laughter of hate

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